Health and Social Care Management


In today's fast-changing care sector, professionals at all levels need to be proactive and flexible to succeed.

LMQ provides a sound and critical understanding of health and social care policy, theory and practice, and the skills you need for effective practice in a diverse, multidisciplinary environment.

You’ll also understand how ethical, legal, social, economic and political factors influence the provision and development of services; and gain the critical and analytical skills that underpin evidence-based practice

LMQ Health and Social Care Management Qualifications were designed for managers in various types of organisations including hospitals and care homes in both the public and private sector.

Whilst the core competencies were drawn from the British healthcare system it has also been carefully considered that many managers may wish to use these qualifications abroad and so international aspects of healthcare policy and practice have also been included

Learners can be confident that gaining a LMQ qualification is an excellent start to a promising career with truly global opportunities.

Those studying for the qualifications of the LMQ Health and Social Care are offered a structured learning process, encompassing both the theoretical and practical aspects of the industry, integrating the various subjects, together with a clearly defined pattern of career development through progressive grades of membership.






Current qualifications offered by the Health and Social care Management programme.

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Qualification Title

No of Units

LMQ Level 5 Higher National Diploma in Health and Social Care Management QCF


LMQ Level 6 Graduate  Diploma in Health and Social Care Management QCF


LMQ Level 7 Postgraduate Diploma in Heath and Social Care Management  QCF